october entertaining tips

You guys, it’s October and I am so excited. October and November are my favorite months of the year and it’s no coincidence that they’re two of the biggest months (plus December) for entertaining. In fact, it was hard for me to choose a theme for this month’s hypothetical party because there are so many options.

You could do a traditional Halloween party, an over-the-top Halloween party, harvest theme, tailgating, and so on. Since harvest can extend past October, I decided to go with the classic Halloween them. So, here we go!

Make It Easy: Old-School Halloween Playlist
The easiest way to get anyone excited for Halloween is playing a bunch of those weird, old Halloween songs like “Monster Mash” and classics like “Thriller”. Make it easy on yourself by queueing up this vintage Halloween playlist on Spotify.

Drink of Choice: The Poisoned Apple
I love a good themed cocktail like this one from Minted. The deep red color almost makes it a decor item on its own. It’s super easy too! Just three ingredients: apple cider, pomegranate juice, and tequila. You can also add dry ice chips for a fog effect!

Hostess Gift: Candy Station Treat Bags
Candy is the easiest hostess gift, right? Set up a cute candy station with jars or bowls full of your favorite Halloween candy. Have your guests fill up cute little treat bags to take home with them because, honestly, who says adults can’t have their own version of trick-or-treating.

Easy Appetizer: Pumpkin Cheese Ball
So, it’s a little cheesy (I swear I’m not trying to make a pun) but cheese balls actually make a really good appetizer. This pumpkin shaped cheese ball is an easy, festive option for the appetizer table at your party. Spread out various crackers and pretzels to use for dipping.

Decor Staple: Pumpkins (of course!)
Isn’t it obvious? There’s so much you can do with pumpkins that it’s the obvious decor choice for the month. You can scatter orange and white ones around haphazardly or carve one out to use as a bowl for snacks or drinks.

Outfit Idea:
My outfit idea for the month is to dress as the chic Bride of Frankenstein. Use a white lace dress you already have, your actual wedding gown, or something vintage from the thrift store. Pair it with some cute, black boots with a buckle or a lace up utilitarian look. For the makeup, go for black lipstick and a major smokey eye.