pink plaid scarf + once upon a tart


COAT: j.crew | TOP: j.crew | JEANS: zara | BOOTS: dv | SCARF: loft | SUNGLASSES: balenciaga

Here's the story: I was laying in bed one night, scrolling through Instagram and saw this post from Kate and thought: wow, that is the cutest scarf ever and exactly what I need to liven up my winter wardrobe. When I saw that it was on sale for only $16, I bought it immediately and picked it up the next day from the Loft store by Union Square.

I've loved it ever since! Seriously, how cute is the pink print? It really makes me feel so much better to wear pretty colors during the dull winter.

I especially love the pink against the pistachio green exterior of Once Upon a Tart, the most adorable little bistro on Sullivan Street in SoHo. My friend Keighla and I met up there last weekend for hot apple cider and tarts. I had the most delicious quiche and she had this gorgeous chocolate walnut tart.

If you're in the area, definitely check out this hidden gem because it's super cozy and the food is amazing. In the meantime, add some happiness to your winter outfits with one of these cute, colorful scarves.