the weekend list no. 37


Hi, guys! I had quite a fun week.

For the first time since graduation, I went back to my old college town of St. Augustine. All this time, I had been really reluctant to go back but when I heard my friend Ryan was in town from New Jersey, I figured it would be the perfect time to get over my fears and go. As it turns out, he had felt weird about coming back too and we were totally on the same page. Because of that, he really was the perfect person to join me in overcoming the reluctance. It did feel weird to be there but it ended up being a good decision! Plus, we sat outside at a coffee shop near the beach and I had a good iced chai, so it was a win. 

Also, my best friend Caroline came over to visit and totally spoiled me with belated birthday gifts! I've already finished off the bottle of prosecco she gave me. She gave me a few things from our favorite Rifle Paper Company and made me realize that I'd never been over to their headquarters in Winter Park! Now, I plan on going sometime soon.

Okay, onto the links!

How cute are Lauren Conrad's new pieces for her Kohl's collection? I love the graphic tee and it's only $26!

The cutest overalls I've ever seen.

I've been thinking about a trip to London lately and looking back on these photos of Julia in the Cotswolds has been making the urge stronger.

Are you guys watching the Bachelorette this season? I'm actually finding it to be one of the better seasons I've seen in awhile. It's just been super entertaining and not as annoying. Full disclosure: I read all the Reality Steve spoilers, so I know everything that happens this season but it's still fun to watch it unfold. Loved the part of this Vulture recap where they say: "Blake looks like Andy Samberg if Andy Samberg were a Kennedy."

In other TV news, I watched RuPaul's Drag Race this week and realized there's a queen from Bushwick in the running! That's where I lived in Brooklyn so I feel as though it's only right if I root for Aquaria.

I just learned that PacSun has the cutest swimwear section.

Jorja Smith is gorgeous.

Of all the great articles about Anthony Bourdain, this one was my favorite.