pretty things no. 28

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Happy first day of December! Holiday season is officially in full swing and I know I’ll be pulling out my Christmas pieces today and decorating the house with a cup of hot chocolate in hand and my holiday playlist going! This edition of pretty things is very much inspired by the idea of holiday parties and color schemes.

If you need a new coat for winter, why not try one in a bold, seasonal color like this burgundy one from Vince? It’s so nice for layering over neutrals to add just a little bit of richness to your look.

As for what to pair with a burgundy coat, you can’t go wrong with a good cream sweater like this one from The Elder Statesmen. If you ask me, a cream sweater is the number one item you need in your closet for the winter season. It’s classic and pairs well with everything!

I love using accessories, especially bags, to add a little something extra to a look. Because my idea of a winter color scheme is cream, black, and burgundy, I like the idea of adding a green suede bag to enhance the holiday vibes.

For a dressy holiday party, this Elie Saab dress is the ultimate inspiration. It reminds me of my favorite ballets and is just the right amount of ornate.

Ornaments are one of my favorite gifts to give because they can be so personally tailored to the person’s taste and interests. I love this popcorn ornament and feel like it really fits well with the mood of the winter season.

Our minds often go straight to dresses when we think of holiday parties, but I also really love a relaxed, cool girl approach to holiday dressing. Swap your dress for a white silk shirt and black skinny jeans, then top it off with a pair of heels and this super seasonal Prada blazer.

Guess what? By the time our next edition Pretty Things comes around, we’ll only be ten days away from Christmas!