pretty things no. 8

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 2.47.48 PM.png

How are you guys? I'm off to try a cute, new-to-me cocktail bar in Williamsburg tonight. Are you all doing anything fun? 

First, I want to apologize because I know the graphic above might be a little blurry because I had some technical difficulties. Today's edition of pretty things is very much inspired by Gucci. Not so much their current collection, but some of their older collections and the red-and-green motif.

Winter is nearing the end and I'm really tired of wearing a coat everyday, but this red one from H&M (under $150) is beautiful! I imagine it would really stand out on a gloomy day.

For the past week, I had been on the hunt for the perfect camisole. In my mind it was black silk with lace trim. Surprisingly, I couldn't find it but I did end up finding a white silk camisole with lace trim and navy swiss dots that I absolutely love. Another good option is this champagne colored camisole that would pair so well with everything else in this round-up!

As you know, my initial is 'B' and because of that, I'm always dying to get my hands on anything with a vintage honeybee motif. So, of course, I absolutely adore these Gucci earrings. I actually loved the entire Winter 2017 collection and the way it played out as an ode to nature.

What do you guys think of this tortoiseshell Gucci comb? As I said, I loved the Winter 2017 collection, especially all of the elaborate accessories. This would be such a fun piece to wear with an otherwise classic outfit like a camel coat and black cashmere sweater.

These Chloé boots are everything. I said up top that they're a shade of dark green but they're actually black! For some reason, they look green to me. Either way, I love the gold circular hardware and want to wear these with every single thing I own.

Doesn't this bag have such Wes Anderson vibes? It's from the London brand Danse Lente. 

In keeping with the tortoiseshell trend above, how about this tortoiseshell candle from Nest? It's such a glamorous pattern that would look good with many different interior design styles. I particularly like the idea of it in a neutral room with lots of different textures but it would also look great if your style is like The Beverly Hills Hotel. The scent is exotic too with notes of sandalwood, oak moss, fig and ginger.