putting together a 'welcome basket' for your guest room

Maybe it's because I'm from the South or that I work in events, but I've always been very into hospitality and creating pleasant experiences for people. One of my favorite little methods of hospitality is creating welcome baskets for house guests. I'm sure you've all seen some of these on Pinterest, as it's definitely a very Pinterest-y thing to do but they're very easy and can be super affordable to put together.

You don't have to go over-the-top. The whole point is just to make your house guest feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Even when I go home to my parents' house to visit, my mom always sets out a few things in my room to create an experience out of it.

Here are a few ideas to get started on putting together your welcome basket!

Bath & Shower Products 
If your guests are arriving by plane, they likely haven't packed their larger bath products like body wash and lotion. To give your guest room a luxe hotel vibe, keep your welcome basket stocked with essentials plus a few fun extras like a bath bomb or bubble bath liquid. You can go all out with luxury products, but you can also find a lot of great brands at a grocery store like Whole Foods. 

You never know what might come up, so be sure to provide some necessities like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, tissues, toothpaste, and even an extra toothbrush. 

WiFi Login 
You can make this as cute or as simple as you'd like, but providing the WiFi login upfront is such a nice thing to do. I know I sometimes feel annoying asking for the Wifi password and honestly, who even remembers their login off the top of their head? An easy, cute way to do this is to print out a little card with the info and put it in a cute, inexpensive frame in the guest room.

Water Carafe 
Providing a carafe of water and a glass on the nightstand is a super easy way to show some hospitality. Most people get thirsty at some point in the night or when they wake up but don't feel comfortable wandering through a strange house in the dark, so having it right there on hand is wonderful.

Of course you will have made the guest bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases, but also consider laying out fresh bath towels and an extra throw blanket for those who get extra cold in the night. 

Another thing that can sometimes be a little uncomfortable when staying at someone's house is getting hungry between meals and asking for snacks. You can alleviate this by putting a few snacks like pretzels, cereal bars, candy, and even fresh fruit in the welcome basket.

To make sure your guests are adequately entertained during downtime, provide a few magazines, books, or even movies for them to stay busy.

Room Fragrance
Having a nice candle or room spray in your guest room is another great way to create a luxurious space. You can pick up really great smaller candles at Anthropologie (there's almost always some on sale) or even from the dollar section at Target as well as nice room sprays from Bath & Body Works or Rituals.