seeing 'the band's visit' on broadway


I've loved going to shows ever since I was a little kid. I was very lucky to go to an elementary school that valued the arts, which meant that we went on a lot of field trips to the theater and I think that truly shaped my love for performing arts. 

Last week, I got a last minute chance to go see The Band's Visit at the Barrymore Theater and jumped on the opportunity. I didn't know much about it but had heard so many good things (including that it is the best musical of the year). You guys, it was even better than expected!

The story is about a police band from Egypt who go to Israel to perform at a cultural center. They get the towns mixed up and end up in a small, seemingly boring village where they spend the night with a few different characters who lived there.

The night we went was Tony Shalloub's (from Monk) last night as the lead and I'm so glad we didn't miss him! The female lead Katrina Lenk was incredible. She had the most beautiful voice and a really cool energy about her.  The storyline between her and Shalloub's character reminded me of La La Land and Before Sunrise. 

There's also a really awkward younger male character who is bad with girls and gets advice from one of the handsome band members; a hilarious character who skates around with a boombox; and a charming, dorky guy who wears socks with sandals and is having marital problems. There are so many funny, interesting, and lovable characters throughout the entire show!

Most importantly, the music is wonderful. It was such a tribute to Israeli and Egyptian culture. The show ended with a live performance by the band and the entire audience was on their feet. Below is a video with some show clips to give you an idea what it's like.

A lot of people are saying it's going to be the show of the year, like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen were, so I'm really happy I got the chance to see it early on. If you're in the city and get the chance, definitely go see The Band's Visit!