september entertaining tips

September 1st marks the unofficial start of autumn and, if you ask me, fall is the best season for entertaining. The crisp weather and holidays natural encourage us to get together with friends and family for all sorts of reasons, including no reason at all. My themes for this month's tips are cozy, easy, warm, togetherness. As usual, these tips are geared toward a cocktail or dinner party at home, but there are so many other little events you can put together for fall like nature hikes, scarf swaps, and of course, tailgating. 

Make It Easy: Outsourced Cleaning
One of the most stressful facets of party prep is balancing your time between food prepping, getting the house cleaned, and your normal, daily life activities. If you have a party coming up at your home, consider hiring a one time housekeeper to come in and tidy up for you. Depending on where you live, this could cost you around $50 and it'll save you so much time and stress.

Drink of Choice: Cocktail Punch
In my eyes, every season has its ideal cocktail and the perfect type for fall is a big batch cocktail punch. I remember this sherbet punch that was all the rage at the birthday parties of my childhood and these fall punch recipes are like the grown-up version of that. Easy to make, easy to enjoy. I'm partial to the sparkling cider punch and wassail (tip: you can buy a non-alcoholic version of wassail at Trader Joe's and add your own bourbon or sherry). 

Hostess Gift: Mulled Cider Satchets
A cute and easy little gift to hand out to your friends are mulled cider sachets. Whole Foods has a great little DIY to make these. I promise, they'll get anyone excited for the season.

Easy Appetizer: Baked Brie w/ honey, apples, and walnuts
Baked brie is my personal go-to appetizer for just about any occasion for its simplicity and its elegance. The basic recipe is to place a wheel of brie on a baking sheet and place in the oven for five to seven minutes. To make it fitting for fall, add honey, apples, and walnuts as seen in this recipe from Williams-Sonoma.

Decor Staple: Burlap
Burlap is a great option for inexpensive, durable decor pieces that have a rustic vibe. Use it as a table runner, create a garland, wrap it around Mason jars, and so on!

Outfit Idea: 
Pair a simple white tee with textured, burgundy or burnt orange wide leg trousers, a printed ankle boot, and gold coin necklace.