my 2018 spring favorites


Happy spring, you guys! This past weekend was the most perfectly magical, warm weekend in the city. Everyone was out and about in the Meatpacking, happy and so pretty in new spring clothes they undoubtedly bought online in the midst of one of our many snowstorms this winter. On Saturday, a friend and I got ice-cream from Ample Hills Creamery and walked the entire High Line. It was heaven!

Since it finally feels like spring, I'm sharing my spring favorites for the year!

I recently picked up this pastel yellow sweatshirt from Brandy Melville and have been wearing it constantly. I'm going to take some photos in it soon and talk more about it, so keep your eyes out for that!

I tried this Greek Horiatiki recipe through Plated and I'm completely obsessed! I've already recreated it since getting the Plated box a few weeks ago and plan on making it my staple meal for the summer. It's essentially a big plate of grilled chicken, spiced chickpeas, fresh vegetables, and hummus. Omg, it's delicious! 

Cafés + Restaurants
I've tried several good restaurants recently but here are the highlights: brunch at a cozy little spot called Epistrophy, leek and potato soup with a leek grilled cheese from Maman, boba chai at the cutest new pink spot Blank Slate Tea, and a yummy red velvet cupcake from the charming Little Cupcake Bakeshop

I have been absolutely in love with the new MGMT album 'Little Dark Age'. The wait was so worthwhile for this new music from my favorite band. It's hard to choose but my favorite songs from the new album are 'Me & Michael' (the happiest song of all time) and 'Little Dark Age'. Highly recommend that you watch both music videos because they're complete works of art.

Movies + TV
The past few weeks have been all about TV series for me rather than films, for some reason. The new season of Series of Unfortunate Events was so good and that's coming from a major fan of the books. I really enjoyed the 90s high school throwback Everything Sucks! The kid who plays Tyler had me dying laughing throughout the whole season and I'm honestly very sad that the show was cancelled after only one season. Another good Netflix show is Alexa + Katie. It's a sitcom about a girl with cancer and it's a little cheesy (like a Disney Channel show) but actually really cute and endearing! But of course, most of my TV time lately has been spent rewatching The Office.

I'm not even going to talk about the movie because it was disappointing, my favorite book I've read recently was Ready Player One. It took me forever to actually sit down and read it, but I ended up loving it. If you have any interest at all in 80s culture, video games, or fantasy/sci-fi culture, you'll probably love this book, too.

I have a post coming up with a lot of new podcast recommendations, but one of my favorite new finds is Royally Obsessed. The hosts are editors from Cosmopolitan and The Cut, respectively, and they basically just chat about royal family news. There's a lot going on in that world right now, so there's a lot of good content. I've been really into the royal family for years (it's my not-so-guilty pleasure), so this one makes me really happy.

As always, my favorite candle for spring and summer is the Volcano candle by Capri Blue. It smells like tropical punch and joy.

Photography + Art
Around this time of year, I love looking at old Slim Aarons photographs. They always get me excited for summer and have inspired many a pool day with cocktails and magazines.