ten self-care ideas for the fall season


I meant to have this post go up yesterday for Wellness Wednesday, but didn’t have it done in time so here it is today, instead! One thing I really love to do is embrace the seasons when it comes to everything from food to skincare to fun activities and, of course, self-care.

Since fall is the time of year when we try to embrace all things cozy, it really is the perfect season for self-care. So, here are ten ways to incorporate some fall vibes into your self-care routine.

go for a walk with a cup of coffee or tea
Going out in the morning or evening for a walk doesn’t have to be the fast-paced, fitness armband scenario we often think of. Try starting or ending your day with a leisurely walk around your neighborhood and take a warm drink with you to make it even more of a treat.

plan a nature hike with a group of friends
I have such vivid memories of a specific fall hike that I took with my friend Ashley in Kentucky a few years ago. We went during the peak of fall foliage, so these golden leaves were constantly falling all around us and it was completely magical. Gather some friends and find a good hiking spot that’s challenging enough to be a workout but also beautiful enough for forest bathing.

make or buy a batch of beauty products with fall ingredients
Treat yourself to some seasonal beauty products like pumpkin face masks, apple cider vinegar hair rinses, and cinnamon bun scented bubble baths. Another great pick is the Eminence Cinnamon Paprika body lotion.

cook a nourishing meal
There’s something about a warm, fall meal that just feels so nourishing. Go all out with a wholesome meal and be sure to incorporate seasonal foods like pears, apples, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, potatoes, brussels sprouts, winter squash, persimmons, green beans, and fennel.

diffuse a cozy essential oil blend
Swap your summer scents for fall essential oils like cinnamon, clove, ginger, bergamot, and so on. Try a couple of blends, too, like spiced cider, pumpkin pie, and spicy chai.

start taking a vitamin d supplement
As the weather gets cooler and the sun isn’t out as long, it’s important to supplement your Vitamin D if needed. Lack of Vitamin D can result in depression, fatigue, illness, hair loss, and more, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting it.

switch to a heavier moisturizer
To protect your skin from drying out in the cold air, make the switch from a light, summer moisturizer to a thicker cream like EltaMD’s AM Therapy Moisturizer or Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate.

incorporate seasonal ingredients into your meals
This goes hand-in-hand with what I said above about cooking a nourishing meal. When planning your weekly meals, build them around ingredients like brussels sprouts, apples, beetroot, quince, pomegranate, and butternut squash.

try abhyanga massage
Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage technique using warm oil. Yes, this is probably easier to have done at the spa, but you can definitely do it at home, too! Not only does this feel amazing, but it also has a ton of great health benefits. Warm up an oil well-suited for your dosha (sesame oil for Vata, coconut or sunflower oil for Pitta, and almond or olive oil for Kapha), get in an empty tub and go for it.

create a vision board
Since fall is a season with noticeable change, I think it’s a great time to start or update your vision board. I like to write down a few area of focus like health + wellness, relationships, work, home, and adventure. Then, I jot down what I want those areas to look like before going onto Pinterest to find representative images. You can either print these out and then paste them on a board, or better yet, use Canva to create a clean vision board that you can print out all at once. What I love to do with my vision board is use it as a focus point during my morning meditation.

What are your favorite self-care practices for fall?