ten photos from my iphone

Happy Friday! I've had such a fun two weeks and, of course, that means I've gotten a bit behind with my posting schedule so I thought it'd be cool and easy to do a quick round-up of some photos on my phone! 

1) As you know my best friend was in town again last week, so we stopped by the Glossier showroom and, of course, took photos in our favorite mirror. 

2) After that, she and I and her little sister Emily hung out at Café Select where I (finally) had apple strudel. I've been dying to have some at Café Sabarsky but this version was so good and came with a little scoop of vanilla gelato.

3) Excuse my little red nose, it was freezing out that day. Over the weekend, Caroline's stepmom and sisters invited me to have brunch with them at Sarabeth's (we literally all ordered eggs benedict). Afterwards, we went to The Met and then took this very 90s album cover photo outside waiting for our car. 

4) Caroline and I both love paintings with thick brushstrokes that stand out off the canvas. So, I took a photo of her in front of this one.

5) We had so much fun at Urban Outfitters one night for some reason. We've been wanting matching Dior hats like this one Caroline found at Urban and I'm now thinking they are meant to be paired with kitschy outer space themed tees. 

6) Another photo from the Glossier showroom. I'd heard such great things about the Stretch Concealer but hadn't tried it yet. I have been using a similar Nyx concealer but I can now verify that, while the Nyx is good, the Glossier is definitely 'stretchier'. It blends a lot easier and moves better on the face. 

7) I did some shopping this week and stopped by Free People to try on a pair of bellbottoms. I had been curious how they'd look on me since I've been wearing only skinny jeans for like ten years now. The verdict: I didn't love this particular pair because I felt like they really didn't flatter my more athletic body shape. They really just made me look short and stocky. 

8) My #OOTD: Fabletics leggings, pink Nikes, black tank, light cardigan, Balenciaga sunglasses, and "Kanye Attitude with Drake Feelings Hat" that prompted a fist bump from a guy at Trader Joe's.

I've seen a ton of shirts like this at places like Flight Club recently and have become obsessed. I tried on this one at H&M and while it was only $14.99, I passed because it says "New York City" which is kind of lame, honestly. But I love the style and think it makes me look like an Olympic skiier. What do you guys think? Haha.