the weekend list no. 29

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Hi, everyone! How was your week? It was a fairly eventful one for me with lots of random celebrity appearances (including Jessica Biel, who is stunning, and Jay Manuel, who gave me heart palpitations), lots of snacks, and fun time spent with my best friend. Here are some things that caught my eye lately...

These paintings by Rochelle Redfield are right up my alley. I love the serene landscapes paired with the fun confetti. In fact, I actually feel like these paintings really represent my personality.

This kind of art really isn't the typical kind I'm into, but Brenda Cablayan's paintings of Hawaii are so gorgeous. The style reminds me of what Edward Hopper does with the East Coast.

I really enjoyed this article from The Everygirl about the inadequacy that's ingrained in women's minds throughout life as well as the competition between women that stems from it. I think most girls would relate to what the author is saying, unfortunately, but being aware of it is the only way to make positive change.

Caitlin has a great post about how she packs for her travels. I've always liked the idea of making a lookbook of outfits (a la Erika Jayne) so that you don't have to think about styling while on your trip.

As a former Unilever intern, this makes me really proud.

The Cut ran this piece a little while ago with the premise that "certainty is the enemy" and I completely agree with it. 

Loved this post from The Positivity Blog about ten things you can do to improve your overall happiness.

Is this not the happiest sweater?

Love, love, love Gwyneth and really enjoyed her Top Shelf on ITG!

Amber's husband did a guest post on her blog and shared the cutest photos of him tossing their kids in the air. I thought it was so fun to see all of the photos together in one spot. Lots of flying toddlers!