the weekend list no. 31


Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

I love, love, love this piece The Cut ran for International Women's Day. They had twenty five women leaders talk about empowerment. Ruth Bader Ginsberg's quote really shook me!

As always, the girls at The Ardent Biblio hosted a gorgeous literary dinner. This time, it was centered around Phantom of the Opera!

Did you guys see the SNL cold-open last weekend? It was absolutely perfect.

I've been really into Ganni wrap dresses lately. How gorgeous is this? I also love this one and this one.

If you know me, you probably know I'm a long-time Chloe Coscarelli fan and we've already pre-ordered her new cookbook Chloe Flavor. I truly believe this book was created for me as it has (all vegan) recipes such as homemade Cocoa Puffs, breakfast sandwiches, and rootbeer floats.

The Luisa Beccaria show at Milan Fashion Week was phenomenally beautiful, no?