the weekend list no. 32


Aren't these flowers pretty? I have more photos of them coming up on Monday! I heard about the Michael's Photo Challenge and immediately knew I had to get over there and take some photos against the flowers. I think it's so cool that Michael's is encouraging photographers to shoot in their stores instead of kicking them out like most places would. Can't wait to share the photos we took! 

I just got the new Chloe Coscarelli cookbook Chloe Flavor and LOVE it. It's my favorite of her cookbooks thus far and we've already made ~5 recipes from it. More to come on this soon!

Liz at Sequins & Stripes posted a really nice self-care checklist this past week. I think it'd be fun to try one of these things everyday and I, for one, would like to start with the donuts!

For some reason, I was browsing resorts in Tulum the other day and found the most gorgeous place called the Papaya Playa Project. Can you imagine being in one of those rooftop pools?

I love, love, love the movie night photoshoot Courtney did in this vintage looking theater! These photos are magical. 

I would kill for this shirt Uma Thurman is wearing. Get it? Kill? Haha.

"March For Our Lives was one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam War." Yes!!!

Love this piece from Becoming Minimalist: "Jump While You Can". 

Cup of Jo laid out the perfect Trader Joe's cheese plate.