the weekend list no. 33


Happy weekend! It certainly is a happy one for me because we're finally getting a few warm days in the city. Yesterday, it got up to almost 80 degrees with sunny skies! I celebrated with the most delicious catered Cuban food for lunch at work...

We got Sophie's and it was delicious. I had a little bit of everything---yellow rice, veggie empanadas, white bean avocado salad, chickpea salad, and fried sweet plantains. Then, after work, I headed over to see the new Chick-fil-a in FIDI. It's like a five to ten minute walk from where I'm usually working, so this was super exciting. Plus, it's huge! Five stories tall with a rooftop deck. Can you believe that? It was so nice sitting outside eating my nuggets and drinking my lemonade with a view of downtown Manhattan. 

Today it's sunny and warm again so I'll be out taking photos and visiting my library. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be chilly and rainy again (boo!), so I'll make the most out of it by relaxing at home and getting caught up on Netflix. I'm crazy and still haven't finished season two of the Crown! 

This post about how music played a role in Jeff & Jane's relationship was so cute, I could cry. Plus, they shared their amazing wedding playlist!

I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to San Francisco, so Pam Hetlinger's travel guide was really helpful! I definitely want to eat at Le Marais and check out Sausalito. 

I've been eyeing this cute top from J.Crew Factory for awhile now and I happened to see that it was on sale for $14.95 (that's literally almost 70% off the original price of $45!), so I finally ordered it. I can't wait to wear it in Palm Beach next month.

You know I love a good face massage and Goop just posted about one for stress relief.

How incredibly cute is Kate's matching pink striped set? I'm obsessed. My mom said it reminded her of something she had in the 80s which, yet again, makes me wish she had archived everything she owned so I could wear it now!

Grace shared the most thorough fitness post I think I've ever seen. She interviewed her former personal trainer on everything having to do with getting into your best fitness and nutrition routines. Print this one out!