the weekend list no. 34


Happy Saturday! I have a lot of errands to run this weekend from laundry to the library and everything in between. I'm hoping to head to Long Island City to check out the James Turrell exhibit at MoMA PS1 and also get in some photo time around the city with Caroline. 

If you read anything this weekend, let it be this piece from James Fallows: The Reinvention of America. It's positive, I promise!

I wish I could fly out to L.A. right now just to stop by this healthy convenience store. They sell things like Starbursts, chips, and slushies that are all free of "artificial colors, sweeteners, GMOs, growth hormones, hormone disruptors, nitrates, antibiotics, and pesticides". How amazing is that?

Another good piece from The Atlantic about fast-food nostalgia. While I don't eat burgers and rarely eat fries, I totally get the nostalgia factor they're talking about.

Have you guys heard about this? Airbus has designed new planes in which there are beds available for rent in the cargo hold. So interesting!

I love that Kate Middleton has been paying homage to Princess Diana with her hospital dress choices. Also, how gorgeous does she look only hours after giving birth?! Major inspiration here.

Here are fifty positive affirmations to bookmark and tell yourself.

Do you know about autophagy? It's a process your body uses to eliminate toxins. Here are six ways to boost autophagy in your body.

Loving the navy Tyler dress from Julia's new collection.

Bill Gates & Larry Page have launched a multi-million dollar grant program for research teams looking to cure the flu.