the weekend list no. 35


Happy weekend! I was down in Palm Beach yesterday finishing up my birthday celebration. I can't wait to share the photos and some little travel diaries. Later this weekend, Caroline and I have a beach picnic planned and I'm so excited! What are you up to this weekend?

Love this post from Becoming Minimalist about the ten things you should focus on for a happy life. I'm especially fond of number two. Does this mean I can drop everything and read books all day? :)

How gorgeous are these picnic photos? Makes me want to go to Versailles immediately with a baguette and some red wine.

Sarah's photos from Mintwater Cottage are so idyllic! Even the name is cute. 

I really want to make this vegan stuffed crust pizza.

This was really cute.

Daryl-Ann looks so cute in this white, two-piece set!

Coveteur shared some great tips---all things I do---for making economy feel like first class.

Really enjoyed Emma's post on the things you don't see about Coachella on Instagram. Not to be a downer, but many of the things she mentioned are reasons why I don't really care to ever go to Coachella. Not to mention, THIS.

These photos are magical.