the weekend list no. 38


Happy Saturday! It's been a good week. The first half was spent preparing for a Fourth of July event I planned for work, then I did a half-day on Friday, which meant lots of reading in the afternoon. Today, I'm headed to the spa in my neighborhood for a 'Mini Vacation' package and I'm so ready! I'll write a post about it to go up during the week. For now, here are some of the links I've been clicking lately.

Anthropologie's new wellness shop is such a dream.

Jenny's photos from Italy are giving me life and making me crave an Aperol spritz.

I thought this was a good intro to the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

Excited for this month's content after reading Camille Styles' editor letter for July.

John Derian's sea captain home is an absolute dream.

I really want to have some drinks and a chat about street style with Tan France, don't you?

Gina Martin's story is really inspiring.

Cereal Magazine has the most beautiful travel writing.

Have you guys heard of this incredible 245-day cruise around the world?

I listen to Sahara Rose's podcast, so I just ordered her book which is a great intro to ayurveda.

Can't wait to read Reese Witherspoon's upcoming memoir.