the weekend list no. 39

2018-07-20 11:20:48.539.JPG

Happy Saturday, everyone! It's been quite the week. Everything was good externally, but I went through a whole handful of weird ailments! It started late last week with a bad toothache. When that went away, I got the worst sunburn on Saturday which included swollen lips. When the sunburn faded, I started noticing these weird, huge bites all over my legs and neck which I think were from sea fleas (disgusting) from the beach. And NOW, I have a cold. This never happens to me, so it's almost comical at this point how many weird things have gone wrong in my body this week. Haha.

Anyway, I've got lots of links today because the internet has been pretty good lately. Here's what I found while wading through a million Nordstrom anniversary sale posts:

MindBodyGreen shared a good article about the three essential oils you should have to start a practice.

Loved this list of ideas for spending a night in or out with your friends.

Linda and Christene are both iconic, so I loved this interview.

I love Heloise's style and energy.

The Fitnessista posted a 30-20-10 workout that I've been enjoying lately.

Add these beaches to your Pinterest travel board.

How cute is this DIY macrame deck chair? I might try this one out.

This Man Repeller article was so well-done and interesting.

Rosie's wedding photos are stunning. What a dream.

Ruth quit her job in the city to open the most beautiful hotel in upstate New York.

How gorgeous is this sugaring salon in Calgary?