the weekend list no. 40


Happy Saturday! Today is my nephew's eighth birthday (which completely freaks me out) so we're celebrating him with a party at a sports complex. All I can say is that I'm ready to locate a trampoline and do some flips and toe-touches. Also, I finally got to see Eighth Grade last night.

On to the links...

I'm in love with these seagrass wrapped glass pieces.

Please look at this gorgeous, feminine apartment Cece Barfield Thompson created for her client, a former Miss America. It's so cute and well-done!

This Vox piece on the importance of libraries is crucial.

How to age gracefully. SO GOOD.

Loved this post about a visit to the studio of art collective Geronimo. So colorful and happy!

Zero-waste lifestyle guru Lauren Singer shared some tips on reducing the amount of trash you produce. I'm definitely going to try out the tip about using food scraps to make stock.

Really interesting interview with Ashley Villa, a former attorney who now runs an influencer management firm.

Wondering which wines to pair with your cheese?

You all know I love the Crazy Rich Asians series, so I have to recommend Refinery29's interview with Kevin Kwan all about his inspiration for the book.

Create & Cultivate Chicago sounds like it's going to be a great event! I'm so impressed by their brand partnerships and lineup (Shay Mitchell! Marianna Hewitt! Jennifer Hudson!). Hoping I get the chance to go to one of their conferences in the near future. 

This is how you use your privilege to give back.