the weekend list no. 49


I had a bunch of little highs the past few weeks but the one that’s coming to mind is a meal I had with my friend in Winter Park last weekend. I’ve been fortunate to try a ton of amazing restaurants, especially when I lived in New York, but oh my god, this restaurant was such a pleasant surprise.

We had initially planned on going to Prato, which ended up being closed for a private party so instead, we tried Bulla, a Spanish tapas place that was really beautifully designed and had such a great, knowledgable wait staff. We split a cheese board, each had incredible salads and festive Moscow Mules, then split this beautifully done dessert with a dark chocolate cake, salty chocolate mousse, vanilla bean ice-cream, and these little dots of mango and strawberry gel. So. Good.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.54.52 AM.png

Enjoying all things Christmas, really! Aside from that, I’ve been doing a lot of work projects and staying on top of my goals plus figuring out what my goals are for the new year. Would you like a post about that specifically? I already know that I want to pick up my coding practice again and also do more of a deep dive into my research on investing. Of course, I’ll be doing my reading challenge again and things like that, too!

We’re putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow and having a little tree lighting party with hot chocolate and a holiday playlist! Then next week, I’m going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater yoga class by the beach with a friend and our city’s annual Christmas boat parade, which should be fun.

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