three outfit ideas for work

Photo via  Gigi New York

Photo via Gigi New York

When you think of the phrase "office style", it often conjures images of uninspired, maybe even bland outfits you wouldn't ever wear outside of a cubicle. But, I promise, work outfits really don't have to be boring.

So many workplaces have relaxed their dress codes that it's easier than ever to put together a cute, comfortable look for the office. Even if you do work in an environment where traditional dress codes remain, you're not doomed to poly-blend trousers and jewel-toned tops. 

Here's an outfit idea for three different types of office dress codes:


I must say, I love working in laid-back environments with casual dress codes. I really think comfort is the key to productivity and creativity and love that many companies are catching on and loosening their dress requirements. Whether you're in a casual office or working from home, try a t-shirt and skinny jeans combination. Layer on a cozy cardigan and a street sneaker to stay put together but laid back.

Business Casual

My trick for business casual dress codes is to find a pair of black jeans that are dark enough to look like trousers instead of denim. They're comfortable enough to get you through the day and super versatile. Pair with a dressier blouse to disguise the casual nature of the jeans. As for shoes, go for ballet flats or a flat loafer. 


Professional dress codes tend to be the ones that create the most struggle when getting dressed in the morning because it's so easy for these looks to be both bland and uncomfortable. To keep your outfit business corporate but also cozy and chic, try a simple sweater with a small, interesting detail like a subtle ruffled sleeve. Pair it with a neutral, pattered pencil skirt and your choice of black, white, or nude pumps. Dress up the look with a layered pearl necklace.