trying a new hair salon // coffee talk


Happy Monday! Do you guys follow Ashley Brooke? If not, you should! She's just the cutest and always inspires me with cute places since we live in the same area. I recently saw her post photos from a cute new salon and it just so happened I was in the market for a new stylist. So, I booked an appointment at Jacq & Jack and fell in love. Funny enough, Ashley was at a restaurant next door went for my hair appointment!

I absolutely loved this salon. I'm usually a strict, Aveda snob but after being impressed by Jacq & Jack's instagram, their decor, and the fact that they use Oribe, I was excited to go. My stylist Stephanie was so good and gave me the exact haircut I was looking for. Plus, there's an espresso bar in the lobby that serves the best lattes. They're having a grand opening event on August 23rd, so definitely check it out if you're in the area. They'll be revealing a nail salon and blow dry bar soon!

Now, onto a few random topics that are on my mind. I wanted to share a few things that I'd talk about with friends over coffee! 

beach days // It's been so nice spending more time near the water lately. I've been going to the beach most weekends and spending the other ones by the pool. It's amazing what being near the water can do for your mind, body, and soul. Walking in the sand and seeing all of the life that exists in the ocean is so grounding! Studies show that living near the water can make you healthier, happier, and less stressed and I believe it. It makes sense when you think about it, our connection to water----we're made up of around 60% water on average after all. Do you guys live near the water? I encourage you to spend as much time near it as possible!

work wardrobe // It can be so difficult to find good inspiration for chic, professional outfits! It doesn't help when the weather is super hot, either. I feel like many bloggers who don't work in traditional office settings aren't exactly the best at giving practical yet chic recommendations. That's not meant to be a jab at all, but it's true that it would be hard to give suggestions when you yourself don't have to conform to the dress code. I've been working on improving my work wardrobe lately and am putting together some outfit ideas that I'll be sharing on the blog next month, so keep your eyes out for that! 

somebody feed phil // I adore Phil Rosenthal. I've a devoted viewer of all of his travel/cooking shows but I have especially been loving the first two parts of his new show Somebody Feed Phil. Each episode is dedicated to a destination and its food. I love that he tries many different types of cuisine at vastly different price points in addition to finding some of the coolest dining experiences in the world. He has a really charming personality and sense of humor, too, which makes the show really heartwarming. 

star wars: the last jedi // I finally watched the "new" Star Wars movie last weekend and thought it was so good. Of course, it was purely entertaining but what really caught my attention was how much Zen Buddhist philosophy was represented in the movie. I really felt myself wishing I could sit down with the great Joseph Campbell and talk more about it. I actually took a class in college where we studied myth in the context of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and C.S. Lewis. So yeah, I gained a lot of personal inspiration from the movie with regards to dharma and mental clarity. So good!

mrm chocolate egg white protein powder // I really wanted a new protein powder that wasn't pea protein but wasn't whey. Pea protein is good if you find the right one but sometimes doesn't have as many grams of protein as whey. However, whey isn't very clean and I didn't want a dairy powder. So, my goal was to find a good egg white powder and MRM's chocolate one is the move. It has 23g of protein per scoop and is the best tasting protein powder I've ever had---no weird stevia taste. It's so good, I've been drinking it every morning mixed only with almond milk.

the feel good wheel // This resource from Chalkboard Magazine (the digital magazine of Pressed Juicery) was really interesting. It shows a wheel of eight things you need to feel good and be healthy: community, spirit, emotional health, relationships, nutrition, body + movement, purpose, and mindset/practice. This is such an organized way to organize your thoughts and goals when it comes to wellness.