trying out three diy projects with mum


We love a good DIY project in my house! There are so many great ideas out there on Pinterest and Instagram, so I thought it would be fun to try out three different projects and report back on them here. 

DIY #1: Paper Bookmarks with Ribbon
My mom always makes me the prettiest paper bookmarks, but over the course of moving a few times I lost almost all of them. That meant it was time for a new batch! I chose three different color schemes, then picked some fun patterns. This was about the easiest DIY out there! Granted, my mom has a lot of good craft equipment. We used punches to create the rounded effect on the top and then looped in ribbons or string tassels. 

DIY #2: Basket with Pom-Pom Trim
I couldn't believe the price of these baskets at The Container Store! This one was under $10 and there were big, laundry hamper sized ones for around $15. We picked up this little one with the intention of dressing up to use as a cute summer purse or just for at-home storage. Literally all we did to dress this one up is hot glue a ribbon of pom-pom material around the edge of the opening! This material was super inexpensive and can be found at a craft or fabric store.

DIY #3: Tory Burch-inspired Painted Wine Glasses
I saw these beautiful Tory Burch painted wine glasses not too long ago and thought they would be really fun to recreate. My mum already had two glasses on hand, so we used the floral Tory print as inspiration and painted them one night before drinking a glass of moscato! The glasses obviously weren't as perfectly done as the Tory Burch ones, but I think they look cute and it was a fun project.