using your dosha to live your healthiest life

Are you guys familiar with ayurvedic doshas? They're basically the biological energies found in the body related to the five elements. I started learning about my dosha (I'm a Pitta) a few years ago and continue to see how accurate the descriptions are. Take this quiz to find out what your dosha is and then keep reading to find out how to live your healthiest life according to it.

Pitta - Characterized by fire energy, they can have a lot of pent up energy that erupts when something goes wrong. Attributes are: oily, sharp, penetrating, hot, light, mobile, and liquid. They tend to be intense, intelligent, and goal-oriented. When out of balance, they can be compulsive, obsessive, and irritable. 

Vata - Characterized by a lot of air energy which results in a racing mind. Attributes are: dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile, and clear. Tend to be naturally thin and wispy, lively and chatty, always on the go. When out of balance, they can be prone to insomnia, anxiety, and lack of focus. 

Kapha - Characterized by earth energy, they are grounding and calm but prone to sadness. Attributes are: heavy, slow, cold, oily, dense, soft, and cloudy. They tend to be emotionally stable and calm. When out of balance, they can be prone to grudges, sluggishness, and weight gain. 

Pitta - To balance the fire energy, choose foods that are cool or warm with bitter, sweet, and astringent tastes. In the summer, favor cool foods like salad, milk, and ice-cream. Other favorable foods are cold cereal, cinnamon toast, and primarily vegetarian meals as well as herbal teas like licorice root, apple, and mint. Reduce added fat, fermented foods, hot drinks, and fried foods.

Vata - To balance the cold, airy attribute, choose foods that are warm and moderately heavy, salty, sour and sweet such as as warm milk, cream, butter, soups and stews, fresh baked bread, nut butters, and herbal teas. Reduce cold foods like salads, raw vegetables, and also caffeine. 

Kapha - To avoid lethargy, choose foods that are dry or cooked lightly such as raw vegetables and fruits, very spicy foods like Mexican or Indian, as well as romaine lettuce, endive, and tonic water. Avoid too many sweet or fatty foods, deep fried foods, dairy and chilled foods. 

Pitta - Pittas may feel compelled to take part in competitive sports and races. The best exercises, however, are biking, running, swimming, and yoga. Swimming is especially good because Pittas are soothed by being near or in the water.

Vata - You may feel compelled to run, but the best exercises for Vatas are things like barre, pilates, and restorative yoga because they are grounded and don't require a ton of endurance. 

Kapha - Kaphas tend to prefer things like yoga or weightlifting, but should try cardio and hot yoga in order to add energy and fire to the body. 

Pitta - Spending time by the water, practicing cooling pranayama breathing techniques like sitali and sitkari. 

Vata - Walk barefoot in nature to bring energy into your lower chakras, stay present, and return to the breath to re-center yourself.

Kapha - Exercise in the morning, try something new to get out of your comfort zone, avoid emotional eating.

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