vintage vibes + three sweet recipes


Happy Friday! You may have noticed, especially on Instagram, that I've been loving a new, vintage-inspired aesthetic lately. Not sure what got me into that mood, but it's really been making me happy.

When I was at home in Florida, I cooked and baked a lot and wanted to quickly share three more of the sweet recipes we made. 

Classic Rootbeer Float
There are few things I love more than a rootbeer float. The combination of flavors and the fizz of the soda mixed with the soft ice-cream make for pure perfection. I've made a lot of floats in my lifetime (and used to get these insane rootbeer float cups from Schwan's!) but I really like this most recent combination. I used Halo Top vanilla ice-cream (which makes it fairly guilt-free, right?) and a bottle of Frostie vanilla rootbeer. So good!

Waffles with Strawberry Butter
We just got the new Chloe Coscarelli cookbook Chloe Flavor and have already made so many of the recipes! I believe the first one I made was this: (vegan) waffles with strawberry butter. The waffle recipe, like her pancakes, was super simple and had a really good, not-too-sweet flavor that paired so well with the homemade strawberry butter and a bit of really good maple syrup. 

Chloe's Breakfast Cookies
Finally, we made another recipe from the book: Chloe's Breakfast Cookies. In concept, they remind me of the Perfect 10 cookie that Karlie Kloss developed for Milk Bar because they're sweet and delicious, but they're actually a healthy cookie that works for breakfast. They were simple drop cookies that contained coconut, dates, chia seeds, and more. Highly recommend that you guys pick up Chloe's book for these two recipes and so many more really good, plant-based meals.