the weekend list no. 27

Toby's Estate Brooklyn

Toby's Estate Brooklyn

It's crazy to me that it's already the third weekend of 2018. Can time stop for one second? My best friend is back in town this weekend for her birthday, so we're going to do a cute birthday brunch and some other fun things I'd like to vlog. What are you up to? I have a ton of links this weekend, so here you go!

Caitlin shared a post showing how she organizes her fridge. It looks so neat and clean! This may seem like a silly topic, but what other people have in their refrigerator and how they organize it is a total internet phenomenon that I'm very much into.

Speaking of the kitchen, I'm always looking for healthy recipes that sound delicious. Jolene Hart shared this recipe for cranberry applesauce that looks amazing. It's called an 'anti-aging' recipe because it includes antioxidant rich cranberries as well as apples, ginger, and orange juice.

Mic did an article on 'Instagram butlers' at resorts that I thought was interesting and funny. I can see how some may find this silly or even depressing, but for those of us who love photography, I think it's a really helpful amenity that wisely caters to the social media generation...which by now is pretty much every generation, yeah?

I found Carly's guest post on The Stripe about meditation very interesting. I've tried meditation on multiple occasions and was never a fan. I'd either get too bored or my thought spirals would actually get worse because I had nothing to distract me from it. It's interesting that she started out the same way and recommends Headspace to get into the practice. I've actually done the free portion of Headspace, but might consider getting a membership.

I've seen a lot of lists about "things I wish I'd known before moving to New York", but this one from The Coveteur is the most accurate. Although, I'd probably re-title it "Things I Wish Other People Knew About New York in General". 

Can I please work at Camille Styles now? They're always doing the cutest things.

Love this ruched gray dress on Grace's blog. 

This living room makeover is amazing. It's crazy how a few changes can make a space look totally different.

Did you see The Coveteur's list of trends for 2018? My favorites were 'being yourself on Instagram' (I'm really not into accounts that only post flawless, editorial-style photography) and wearing no makeup because I've honestly only worn makeup like three times in the past month. 

I heard two really good podcast episodes recently: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey's talk with Alisa Keeton (a really interesting take on fitness and wellness from a spiritual perspective) and then Katie Couric & Brian Goldsmith's interview with Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (super interesting thoughts about the current administration from an old-school Republican perspective).