three wellness ideas to try


Hello, everyone! Before I get into this post, I'm excited to announce that, starting this week, every Wednesday here on the blog will be a Wellness Wednesday. That means I'll be posting regularly on those days about everything from nutrition and workouts to mindfulness and motivation. 

I'm officially starting this schedule in May, but today's scheduled post happened to be wellness related so I figured we could go ahead and kick it off early. Wellness is one of my biggest passions in life and I'm always trying new things, so I'm excited to share about it in a more structured way on the blog. Also, be sure to follow along on my Instagram because I'll be sharing a lot more wellness things on my Stories, too!

Today, I wanted to share three wellness ideas that you might not have tried yet. They're a bit less mainstream than what you usually see in the wellness space but all three are great options to try adding to your existing wellness routine. As always, happy to answer any questions in the comments or via email. 

palo santo
You've probably heard of burning sage (or 'smudging'), but what about palo santo? It works the same way as sage smudging---you gently light the end by dipping it into a candle flame, then let the smoke billow into the corners of your space. Both are meant for energy cleansing, but palo santo smells sweet and fresh with hints of mint while sage has a more earthy, herbaceous smell. To get a little more woo-woo, sage is meant to remove all energy, both good and bad, from a space while palo santo removes negative energy and ushers in positivity. Whether or not you believe in it wholeheartedly, its still a fun thing to do on the weekend.

moon dust + other powdered adaptogens
I love, love, love my products from Moon Juice! They truly make the best adaptogenic products I've tried. Try out one of their moon dusts (Beauty, Brain, Dream, Spirit, Sex, and Power). It seems like most people use the Beauty dust, but I'm partial to Brain. We often spend much of our self-care time tending to beauty and buy tons of products dedicated to that. But how often do you really sit down and do something for your brain? For me, this product really does help improve concentration and brain function. There are plenty of ways you can use but the easiest is to blend it into a smoothie or into your tea since it doesn't have much of a flavor.

kundalini yoga
This type of yoga isn't like the typical vinyasa or bikram yoga classes you'll find at the gym. Kundalini is less about exercise and much more about spirituality. It is a blend of three types of yoga: bhakti, raja, and shakti. Respectively, those focus on chanting, meditation, and the expression of power/energy. The chanting does, admittedly, feel weird at first but the more you keep going, the better it feels. Respectfully, it can feel a little weird so you may want to try out a YouTube video before going to a live class.