wellness wednesday: six items for your self-care basket


Do you have a self-care basket? If so, what kinds of things do you keep in it? I love the collection of items I've put together in my space to have on hand when I need some self-care time. Here are the six things I recommend including in yours. Keep in mind, all six of these items are easy to find and available on Amazon!

palo santo // Palo Santo is kind of like sage, meaning that you burn it in your home during an energy cleansing routine. The key difference is that sage is said to clear all energy while palo santo clears negative energy and brings in positive energy. Palo santo also has a more woody smell, like a mild, peaceful campfire. Keep a book of matches on hand to light the end of the palo santo stick and move around your space, bringing the smoke with you. 

tongue scraper // Tongue scraping is an ancient ayurvedic practice that is meant to remove ama, or what ayurveda refers to as the underlying cause of health issues. This is a concept you can dig really far into, but the gist of tongue scraping is that you use a u-shaped, preferably stainless steel tool to scrape the surface of your tongue to remove toxins and build-up. 

jade roller // Use a jade roller to massage your face, which has so many benefits. They boost circulation, reduce swelling, and help your skincare products to work more efficiently. They're also a great way to a lymphatic drainage massage.

essential oils // These, of course, have so many uses. From using them in a diffuser to applying topically and, my favorite, making room sprays. 

diffuser // You can use this to diffuse your oils according to which oil is best suited for your needs. Byrdie has a great guide on which essential oils to use for what purpose.

journal // My personal favorite self-care item is my journal, which I use almost everyday. Honest journaling is so good for the mind and the soul as it gives you a space to work out your feelings, problems, worries, and fears without judgment.