wellness wednesday: the summer wellness guide


Happy Independence Day! Now that it's July, we're officially in the second half of the year and summer is upon us. For me, summer is the ultimate season for wellness. It's a time when we are all getting out more to experience nature and hopefully engaging in self-care. There are so many great things you can do for yourself in the summer months, so here's my little guide.

This summer is a great time to unplug from phones, computers, and TV. There's no set parameters for unplugging, it's all up to how you feel. To start small, try leaving your phone turned off in a drawer for a few hours. You may end up leaving it off for a whole day or the entire weekend. Use the time you would have spent mindlessly scrolling to try a new creative or physical hobby, or just take a nap!

Engage in more culture
Use the summer season to experience some new books, art, movies, music, or performing arts. Something I like to do is write down a few subjects that I'd like to learn more about. It could be anything: astrology, European history, creative writing, whatever. Then, I like to choose culture that will help me learn more about those things. 

Check in on your goals
June marks the middle of the year, which means the summer is a natural time to check in on your annual goals, benchmark where you're at, and re-evaluate for the rest of the year. Take time to reflect on the first half of the year and celebrate all of the (big or little) things you've accomplished.

Food + Drink
Eating fresh, in-season, and cooling foods during the summer is a must. If you can get it at the farmer's market, that's the way to go. In ayurveda, summer is the Pitta season (my personal dosha), which means heat and dryness. You'll want to balance this out with light, cooling foods like salads, fresh fruit (especially watermelon), mint, lime, coconut, cucumbers, basil, and sweet dairy products like yogurt and ice-cream.

The biggest, most obvious priority is sun protection so don't forget your SPF! But here are some other beauty-related things you should try during the summer. Try massaging your body with cooling coconut oil before your shower. Spritz your face with rose water. Exfoliate your skin with sugar and salt scrubs. Add a salt spray to your hair routine. Exfoliate your scalp with a salt scrub.

Working out too hard in the heat isn't good, so focus on fun activities like swimming, hiking, and bike riding instead. Yoga is a great addition to a summer workout routine and there are even practices specific to the season.

Clear negative energy
Midsummer is a great time to clear any negative energy built up in the first half of the year. Many people use sage, but I recommend cleansing your space by burning palo santo instead. It cleanses only negative energy and has a sweet scent that makes it a wonderful part of your meditation ritual.

Summer scents
Updating your scent collection is an easy way to embrace the new season and to feel fully entrenched in the current state of things. Switch out your hand soaps, candles, room sprays, and even personal fragrance for scents like tomato leaf, citrus, fresh florals, and salt. 

Grounded in nature
I think we all spend more time outdoors in the summer, but its important to be intentional about it. Spending intentional time in nature is grounding for the soul and tends to help you get more sleep, as well. Take a barefoot walk in the grass or sand, really take in the smells and senses of your natural surroundings, and simply engage yourself in nature.