wellness wednesday: the ultimate self-care day


I was so grateful this weekend to have an amazing spa day booked. The past few weeks and weekends have been very busy and social, so I knew that I needed a day to refresh. 

I started the morning with a really light breakfast. The last thing I wanted was to feel really full or get an upset stomach later during my appointments. So, I made an easy smoothie and some avocado toast.

After breakfast, I read for a bit in bed with a really good summer candle burning. After reading, I did a little palo santo burning session to cleanse the energy in my bedroom but also just because I love the smell. Then, I read some more while watching the England game and celebrating our win. Football's coming home!

At 12:30, I headed over to the spa. It's literally less than a mile from my house, so I really wanted to walk or ride my bike. But, it's just so hot outside that I dreaded the thought of feeling so calm and clean, then having to walk home and get sweaty. So, I begrudgingly drove my car to the spa. 

Once I got there, my first service was a massage. I've had a lot of massage experiences and I have to say this was one of the very best. My therapist did such a great job and I was treated with the most beautiful portion of stone massage. I love hot stones because they don't really even feel like stones. They feel more like hot oil being poured over your skin. My other favorite part of getting massaged is when they wrap your feet in hot towels.

After the massage, I spent about twenty minutes lying on a warm stone lounger with a glass of cucumber mint water, watching the waterfalls in the indoor pool. Then, it was off to my facial. The spa uses Eminence products, which I love. During the facial, I got another foot massage and hot towel wrap which made me so happy.

After the facial, my skin was glowing so bright but I had to be mindful of cooling down the redness. So, I headed back to the amenities room where I laid in the Himalayan salt sauna for a few minutes, careful not to overheat.

Then, I laid back down on the stone lounger and covered my face with an iced towelette and some cucumber slices to help with the redness. I spent the next half hour or so in the nautilus pool which was heavenly.

The spa day wrapped up with a pedicure. I picked a really pretty white shade from OPI's spring collection called Suzi Chases Portu-Geese. I love it because it makes your legs look so tan!

I left around 4:30, picked up a free chocolate truffle from the sweets shop next door then headed home to spend the rest of the night reading.