wellness wednesday: three quick ways to feel happier


Welcome to the first official Wellness Wednesday here on the blog! Today, I wanted to talk about three super easy ways to feel instantly happier. Whether the cause is nasty weather, general life annoyances, or something bigger, we all feel down sometimes. I'm especially prone to feeling down during the winter months because of the cold and the lack of sunshine.

Back in March, I came back to New York from my trip to Florida and was met with really nasty, cold and wet weather which was such a downer. On the train ride back from the airport, I put on the song "Me & Michael" from MGMT's new album and seriously felt so much happier almost instantly. It's one of those songs that just makes me want to dance and it really did the trick in the moment!

Obviously, there is more work to be done for long lasting happiness, but if you need a quick jolt to get you out of a bad mood, here are three ideas:

Put on your happiest playlist.
Like I said above, that song made me so happy even in the cold night as I walked through gross Penn Station. When you are in a good mood, go ahead and make a little playlist with some songs that make you really happy. That way, you'll have it on hand and ready to go during moments that you're feeling sad, angry, or annoyed.

Try gratitude journaling.
This one is really good. When you're feeling down, grab your journal and write for at least 2-3 full pages. What are you writing? Amazing things that have happened to you, your big and small accomplishments, your favorite memories, and things that you are grateful for. Trust me, 2-3 pages will go by fast once you get started. It's crazy how just getting these thoughts out on paper will make you instantly feel more successful and happy.

Get outside in the sun.
If you're lucky and it is sunny outside, get out there and take a walk. I swear, sometimes when I don't feel my best, it's just that I'm tired or groggy from not getting fresh air. Take a quick walk around your block to get some Vitamin D and to stretch your legs. You'll feel so much better!

What do you do to feel better when you're in a bad mood?