what i ate wednesday: 10 october 2018


Happy Wednesday! I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday post in a little while, have I? This food diary was from a productive day at home, checking items off my to-do list.


I started the morning with my protein smoothie made from banana, frozen cherries, spinach, almond milk, filtered water, MCT oil, and chocolate egg white protein powder. Along with that, I had avocado toast topped with Trader Joe’s bagel seasoning, some leftover coconut bacon, and a sliced hardboiled egg. I usually do this with a fried egg but this time decided to try the hardboiled egg after seeing something like it on Instagram.

Later in the morning, I made an easy snack. It was ricotta with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey. I usually make this ricotta snack with lemon juice and Stevia, but didn’t have any lemons so I tried the strawberry version.


For a snack before lunch, I made a half quesadilla with sharp cheddar cheese. These are so easy and quick to make. I just lay the tortilla in the skillet, layer on the cheese, then cover with the lid so the cheese can begin to melt. A few minutes later, I fold it in half and flip. I ate this with mashed avocado on the side and some sliced pineapple.

For my actual lunch, I had a vaguely Indian meets Greek inspired dish comprised of spiced chickpeas (turmeric, paprika, and such) with pearl cous-cous, cubed feta, Greek yogurt, and some naan bread on the side. You guys, this dish was so easy and so good.


I have to admit, this was a fairly carb-heavy day. 😅 For dinner, we had rigatoni with a homemade red sauce and some French bread on the side. This looks like white wine, but I have to admit it was ginger ale. I was really craving it for some reason!

Like I said, this was a pretty carb-heavy day which I tend to do sometimes. Other times, I’ll have a ton of protein heavy dishes or greens-heavy. I’ll share that kind of thing in the future.