what i ate wednesday (3.14.18)


We're back with another What I Ate Wednesday! 

For breakfast, I had a bowl of cereal (Gorilla Crunch, to be exact) with almond milk and a big glass of water. I'm obsessed with cereal and would probably eat it for every meal if I could. 

Later in the morning, I had another big glass of water and my favorite snack: Greek yogurt and slice strawberries drizzled with honey. 


I tried a new lunch on this day (inspired by Jessica Clements) and it was really, really good. I steamed some brown rice and added to a bowl with baby bok choy, Himalayan pink salt, and coconut aminos. Then, I added three of these Chicken Soup Dumplings that I got from Trader Joe's. So good and super easy!


Some other snacks I had throughout the day were an apple, a glass of water with a 8g tablet, a banana, and some tortilla chips. Again, I didn't have a proper dinner. Instead, I had a bagel from Devon & Blakely.

I swear, the next edition of What I Ate Wednesday will be more interesting!