what's on my iphone 8 plus


Happy Monday! Do you guys remember when 'What's On My Phone' posts/videos were super popular? I like that a lot of bloggers and YouTubers are revisiting these old school ideas and wanted to play along to show you all what's on my phone. I have the iPhone 8 plus, for reference.

Home Screen - Aside from my gorgeous Gray Malin background, my home screen pretty much just has all of the boring things that come with the phone.

Social - My social folder is probably the most used on my phone, maybe tying with Photo. I have all the basics like Instagram and Snapchat as well as WhatsApp, Skype, Venmo, and LinkedIn. I feel like most younger people have Venmo by now, but if you don't already, get it now! I've been using it for years and don't know what I'd do without it because it makes financial transactions between friends so easy.

Games - I don't really play a lot of games on my phone but have definitely been playing them more now that I have time to kill on the subway and lots of these don't require internet. My favorites right now are Wordscapes (a really fun anagram type game) and Cooking Craze. Fun fact: I've been obsessed with cooking games for years and I'm really, really good at them. Some other games I have are Crosswords (a longtime favorite), Temple RunKnife Hit (weird I know, but shockingly fun), and Word Search.

Photo - I actually have two folders for photo editing apps because I have so many and I just like them separate for some reason. The biggest ones I use are VSCO and UNUM, for sure. I use the former to edit all of my photos and the latter to organize my Instagram grid. Sometimes I use Snapseed or Lightroom if a photo needs extra work and then Color Story for gorgeous filters. I use RewardStyle to link my clothes sometimes and then LikeToKnow.it to follow other people who do the same.

For Stories, I use Hype Type to add animated text, Unfold to create collages, and then I occasionally use RadVHS to film videos with a cool, retro vibe. 

Entertainment - Aside from Instagram, my most used app is definitely Overcast. I used to use the default Podcast app but this one is so much better. It allows you to organize your podcasts in a much cleaner way and to alter the audio very specifically to your taste. My favorite part is that you can make 'smart playlists'. For instance, I follow three or four fashion/beauty podcasts and have it set so that when there's a new episode, they go straight to the Fashion & Beauty playlist and so on. I also have YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, Goodreads, Netflix, and Google Arts & Culture in this category.

Other - Some random apps I have are Uber (self-explanatory), Seamless (usually just for ordering food to the office), Amazon, Co-Star (a really cool astrology app), and my beloved Chick-fil-a One.

Health - For health, I use a couple of things. My favorites are probably Aaptiv (lots of quick workouts) and Strava (for running/walking). I have Pear downloaded because you can connect it to your heart rate monitor and I want to use it more when I get one. For relaxation, I have Meditation and Sleep Cycle.