where to buy chic + affordable jewelry

I have a surprisingly small jewelry collection. For the most part, I wear a pair of my mom's diamond studs everyday and then have maybe four other pairs plus two necklaces and a few bracelets and rings. I want to start slowly investing in more jewelry, mostly from mid-range brands like some mentioned below as well as some higher end, independent brands. If you've ever been to Catbird in Williamsburg, that's the aesthetic I'm going for, as well as the pieces from Alta Ora, a little brand run by someone I work with. Simple but unique pieces. 

In the meantime, there are several places to find affordable jewelry that doesn't necessarily look like costume pieces. Here's where I like to shop:

Their jewelry is super cheap but, for the most part, holds up well if you treat it right. Plus, they have a lot of simple, chic styles and layering pieces. I especially like their necklaces.

Francesca's is the place to go if you want something a little more fun and bold (even preppy or 'Southern'), like a tassel earring or a sculptural pearl piece.

BaubleBar probably has the boldest, most trendy pieces of any places on this list but you can also find a lot of simple pieces in gold and silver.

I adore Gorjana's beautiful, minimalist pieces. Particularly, I'm a fan of the necklaces because they are fairly simple but have a sort-of magical, vintage aesthetic. These are gold plated as well, so they are higher end than your high street store jewelry. 

For beautiful, artisan-style pieces, I recommend Anthropologie. They are on the higher end price-wise but for good reason. These pieces are perfect for the bohemian, artsy look and really feel one-of-a-kind.

Kendra Scott is a go-to for preppy, Southern style. There are, of course, lots of colorful pieces but there are also so many beautiful, timeless pieces.

For more colorful pieces, check out Kate Spade's jewelry. This is a really good go-to brand if you want a pop of color in your jewelry but there are also a lot of classic pieces that tend to center around pearls.

You wouldn't think that Isabel Marant's jewelry would be as affordable as it is, but her pieces tend to range from $65-$150. All of the pieces have that Isabel Marant vibe: very French bohemian/jetset.