six self-care posts for a refreshing weekend


I’m curious, what are you doing for yourself this weekend? A big facet of this month’s content theme is savoring all the senses as a way of being mindful. So, I dug up some self-care posts from the archive of my blog to share as inspiration for ways that you can get quiet and savor the senses this weekend:

five quick tricks to feel healthier now // Ever have those days or moments that you feel a little off health-wise? Here are five quick ways to get back on track.

the 2018 summer wellness guide // Get ready for the summer by creating a wellness plan for the season that will keep your mind, body, and soul engaged and healthy.

three quick ways to feel happier // Savoring your senses in one way to feel happier. Here’s three more!

how to create a bath sanctuary // This post is perfectly aligned with this month’s blog theme of focus and savoring the senses. Use these tips to create a relaxing sanctuary at home in your own bathroom.

planning the perfect staycation // Another great way to savor the season is to plan a staycation that allows you to really appreciate the space you call home.

spring cleaning your wellness routine // A new season is always a great time to set up a new wellness routine. Here’s one that’s inspired by the idea of spring cleaning.