hello from amsterdam


Amsterdam was absolutely amazing. My family was Dutch and we really relate to the culture even living in the States, so going into this trip, I had high expectations but also a little bit of fear that it wouldn’t live up to how I had hyped it up in my head. But truly, I felt so immediately at home in the Netherlands even from the moment we boarded our KLM flight in London and then landed at the airport. As soon as we landed, we were in the middle of beautiful green fields peppered with canals.

Ever since getting home, I’ve really missed Amsterdam. London was tremendous and I can’t wait to go back there, but I really, really miss Amsterdam. Here’s a little overview of the trip:


The Airport //
Schiphol is one of my favorite airports because it’s so clean and modern and just has a good vibe to it compared to other airports. To make things even better, our “taxi” was a gorgeous Tesla which was a super fund ride to the hotel. AND the driver was playing the new Marina album, so I think it may have been the best airport transfer of all time.

The Hotel //
Our hotel in London was so wonderful, but I have to say the Amsterdam hotel lived up to it as well! We had a huge room with a view of the canal and Leidseplein Square and these fun, gold clogs on the wall. We have wooden clogs at home because we’re obsessed, so this was a happy thing.


Day 01 //
Our first full day in Amsterdam started at the Anne Frank House. It was really fascinating to actually walk through the annex where the Frank family lived in hiding. I think the most moving part was being face-to-face with a portion of the wall that was used to measure Anne and her sister as they grew. That little, normal detail was just haunting.

After Anne Frank, we hopped across the street and into the boat for our canal tour and prosecco with Flagship Amsterdam. I have a full overview of that from the other day. That night was also the night I finally gave in and bought my Adidas pool slides because no other shoe would fit my swollen feet. 😅


Day 01 Food //
After the boat, we headed back along the canals toward the hotel to find somewhere to eat. Throughout our entire time in the city, we kept passing this little corner market with all sorts of vegetables on display outside. This corner was seriously one of my favorite places in all of Amsterdam.

We stumbled upon the restaurant Venus & Adonis and I’m so happy we did because this little place had the most beautifully designed dining room and bar. It was all midcentury modern with beautiful warm tones. We had some really good salads, frites, and our favorite Dutch ginger ale.


Day 02 //
Our second day was primarily made up of our own DIY food tour of Amsterdam. But first, we stopped at Bloemenmarkt for a few minutes. I hate to say it (because I love flowers), but this wasn’t my favorite spot. It just felt very crowded and touristy, so we stopped in at a cute cheese shop then moved on. Up next, we got the most delicious stroopwafel and fritjes cones I’ve ever had!


Shopping //
We did most of our shopping on this day in addition to most of our eating. We picked up a few Delft pieces for our family collection, stopped at the Adidas store, and spent some time trying makeup in & Other Stories. I love any time I can get into an & Other Stories shop because they always have the cutest pieces and now I know their makeup is really good too. I might order some and do a review sometime!

Sightseeing //
Later, we walked to the Rijksmuseum, Museumplein and through Vondelpark a little bit. I wish I had personally gotten more time to spend in the park because it really was a beautiful spot. Museumplein is also really cool because there’s so many different types of architecture to see.


More Sights + Food //
This is kind of out of order but before we went to the Museumplein/Vondelpark area, we walked to Winkel 43 to try the famous apple cake. On the way there, we probably stopped 100 times to take photos of all the beautiful things we passed on Herengracht.


Day 03 //
Our last full day in Amsterdam began with a walk through Museumplein and De Pijp all the way to Coffee + Coconuts. I’d been dying to have brunch here because it’s such a beautiful space in a converted historic theater which is right up my alley. I will say, it wasn’t the best brunch experience I’ve had and I’d probably only go back with a group. I’m used to trying new brunch spots in New York on my own and it’s never weird, but it was just kind of weird here! I sat facing the wall in the back, so I basically didn’t even get to see the restaurant and they didn’t have the menu item that I planned on ordering, which is fine but the menu is rather meat heavy, so I ended up only having a coconut and croissant, but those two things were great.

Afterwards, I met up with my mom and dad and we walked over to Foodhallen. We spontaneously had vanilla ice-cream cones with disco dip and then didn’t end up actually eating at Foodhallen because it was very crowded. We went to Dutch Weed Burger Joint instead and had frites there. This wasn’t my favorite area of town, so we headed back after that.

Okay, so that’s my full thoughts on what we did in Amsterdam. The trip totally exceeded my expectations and next time, I know what’s overhyped and what I want to spend more time doing, plus the areas I absolutely love!