a carefree summer weekend-in-the-life


Okay, maybe not as carefree as I had anticipated going into the weekend since I ended up working much of the day Saturday but it was still a good one!


The weekend started after I finished work around five and had homemade pizza before heading off to group yoga for International Yoga Day. This ended up being such a good class and I managed to do my very best Crow Pose yet. Afterwards, my friend and I had margaritas and veggie tacos overlooking the sea to end the night on a perfect note.


I worked most of the morning, then went out to the library to pick up “Red, White, and Royal Blue” which was on reserve for me and I have not been able to put it down since! I got caught up on some YouTube videos in bed, a delightfully chill activity I haven’t had time to do for quite awhile. Later that night, I got in the pool for a sunset swim which was so nice. The water was warm and the temperature outside had dropped, so it was the perfect balance. You know it’s bad when you have to wait for it to cool down outside to go swimming. I read lots of the book in the pool and continued into the night until my eyes were too heavy to stay open.


As soon as I woke up, I wanted to start reading but I went downstairs for breakfast first. I had some good avocado toast (as usual) and a smoothie with banana, mango, pineapple, raspberry, and spinach. It wasn’t long before I was upstairs again, in bed with my Gingham candle lit, trying my best to pace myself with the book because I didn’t want it to end, yet I couldn’t stop reading. After having some pasta for lunch, I took the book with me to the pool again for another swim and came back to do some planning for some travel this upcoming week. When I finally wrenched myself away from the book (AKA when I got to the end), we watched Brooklyn. For some reason, I’d just been craving that movie ever since I did that style inspiration post on it a few months ago.

What did y’all do this weekend?