a tea + my thoughts // no. 2


I’m back this month with another tea and a handful of things on my mind! The tea I’m talking about this month is my most common go-to and has been for years: a classic Earl Grey. It’s a black tea, kind of similar to English Breakfast, but infused with bergamot orange to give it the best floral, citrus flavor and makes it less bitter than your typical black tea. Earl Grey also happens to be the favorite tea of Queen Elizabeth, making it one of many things we clearly have in common 😚 Apparently, she likes Twining’s, too, which is my go-to brand.

Fun fact, because black tea is fermented, it’s a prebiotic that’s super healthy for your gut (like kombucha, which is made out of black tea). Plus, bergamot contains powerful antioxidants! To brew the perfect cup of Earl Grey, you’ll want to boil filtered water, then let it cool to 185 degrees then add a bag or teaspoon of loose leaves to steep for up to five minutes. I like to add a bit of raw honey to my cup and serve in a glass mug like the one in the photo.

find what you like //
I feel like I often hear so many people talking about aspects of their lives as if they were exhausting, miserable chores and I just really feel like shouting, “It doesn’t have to be that way!!” Really, it’s your life and it’s finite and you should be spending it doing the things you love or at least doing the necessary things in a way that makes you happy.

For instance, I hear all the time people say “I go to the gym a few times a week, but I really hate working out”. Really? You hate moving your body? The reality is they don’t hate working out, they just hate the workout they’re doing because they think that’s the workout they’re supposed to do. I don’t like aggressive boot camp style workouts. Does that mean I hate working out? God no, I love it. But I don’t do the types of workouts I hate. Instead, I do workouts that make me feel great during and after, like ballet and yoga and spin class or even just doing something active like a hike or a swim.

This idea applies to every area of life from working out to eating to your job and how you spend your weekends. People do a lot of things that make them really unhappy and we all need to realize that life can exist outside of the arbitrary confines so many people cage themselves into.

where do you get style inspiration? //
Last month, I went back to look at some of my old blog posts from several years ago and found one from 2015 about my favorite street style girls. It made me wonder, is street style still as big a thing as it was in my high school and college days? Or is everyone now just getting inspiration from fashion bloggers on Instagram? And if so, is that necessarily a good thing? I will say, I still love the girls I mentioned in that post, especially Caroline Issa who is perpetually chic. Who inspires your outfits?

looking back at old posts //
Like I said up top, I’ve been looking back through my old blog posts and have actually been super inspired by them! I did a lot of interesting fashion content, which I’d like to do more of but I’m kind of in a place where the state of the fashion industry is really uninteresting to me at the moment. I heard Kanye West talking about this and how the industry has kind of been reduced to things that appeal to the lowest common denominator and it’s no longer that attractive to a lot of people who have a long history of appreciating fashion. I’m trying to think of ways to re-engage myself in that world in a way that feels right to me. I’m excited to find new ways to appreciate this kind of art form again!

new album from the 1975 //
The new 1975 album came out in November, but I hadn’t gotten around to listening to it just yet because the songs I had heard sounded so different than the last album (which I adore) and it made me a little leery. But, I saw them perform “It’s Not Living” on Graham Norton and was like okay, yes, I’m into it. Then I listened to the whole new album and read a bit about it and wow, it’s brilliant and so timely. It really reflects a mood that resonates so much with me which is the bizarreness of being relentlessly optimistic in times of chaos. Like I said, it’s timely and reflects this very specific moment of time we’re in. Highly suggest you give it a listen and read the lyrics when you do.

trimming my own hair //
Even though I have hair cutting experience, i surprisingly just trimmed my own hair for the very first time! I was thinking about making an appointment at my salon before an upcoming trip, but then I asked myself if I really needed to pay $75+ when I really just needed a trim and would rather have that extra money to spend on the trip. I still had my cutting shears from hair school (long story), so I went in the bathroom and did a nearly dry point cut that look like five minutes and it did the trick!