a tea + my thoughts // no. 3


Happy Monday! If I’m being honest, I don’t have a ton of “thoughts” for today’s post, just three simple ones. As for the tea this month (should I really be calling this post series “Spilling the Tea”? haha), I just wanted to share with you that Grove Collaborative has a new line of tea! We got the classic English Breakfast and I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the quality is excellent.

The tea comes in silk sachets and you can see the large clippings, which means it is of a more high end quality than your typical paper tea bags. Definitely recommend! I had some this weekend with an easy tea sandwich made with rye bread, Vegenaise, sliced cucumber, and dill. So good.

Okay, onto the thoughts:

where would you live? // I was thinking about the question of where I would want to live abroad if I could pick anywhere in the world which led me to trying to pick a location on every livable continent. It was pretty hard! But I think at the moment, it would be London or Copenhagen in Europe, Bali in Asia, Windhoek or Johannesburg in Africa, Costa Rica or Buenos Aires in South America, Sydney in Australia (for Bondi Beach), and too many to choose from in North America where I’m from!

artificial intelligence bias // A lot of projects I’ve been working on lately have been vaguely related to the issue of bias in artificial intelligence and why it’s so important to have diversity in the teams that are developing AI, because ultimately AI is created by human minds and therefore our biases are passed on. For instance, studies have shown that driverless cars are less likely to register the presence of darker skinned individuals. This is a good article on the topic.

queer eye season 3 // Everyone knows I love Queer Eye and everyone I know loves Queer Eye so needless to say, I have been so excited that the boys are back for season three. I’m a few episodes in and wow, it does not ever disappoint! The very first makeover actually shook me to my core and I’m perpetually amazed at how they are not only so skilled at what they do but are very thoughtful and never strip the personality away from an individual. Unfortunately, that’s something that happened so often on older makeover shows and I’m beyond happy to know the boys don’t do that. Also, just the emotions and the positive messages make me so happy!