ballet on the big screen


My local independent theater has been doing a series this summer where they’re playing different ballets and operas on the big screen. If your local theater does something similar, I can’t recommend it enough as it’s the closest thing to actually going to a live performance. If you’d prefer something to watch from home in your cute pajamas with a glass of champagne or cup of chamomile tea, here are some options that you can actually watch online.

First Position
This is one of my favorite documentaries. It follows a group of kids and teenagers who are preparing for one of the biggest ballet competitions where they will potentially be scouted by prestigious academies.

This is a great documentary that follows ballerinas at the Kirov and paints a really interesting picture of ballet culture in Russia.

Dancer (Hulu)
This is a great documentary following Sergei Polunin, known as the “bad boy of ballet”. You may know him from David Lachapelle’s “Take Me to Church” video.

Swan Lake - The Kirov

The Bolshoi’s Romeo & Juliet

The New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker