best flowers for a pretty spring arrangement


We’re kicking off March’s theme of blooming with grace with, of course, the topic of flowers. It only makes sense to start with the most literal interpretation of bloom. When I think of a pretty spring arrangement for my nightstand or the dining room table, there are eight types of flowers that first come to mind.

To style them, I recommend vessels like clear or blue mason jars, white milk glass vases, patterned jugs, wooden crates, and galvanized pitchers, all depending on your personal style and the space where you plan on displaying the arrangement. My favorite tip for this is to build a collection of vessels by shopping for them at thrift stores. You can find so many unique, even vintage, pieces to display your flowers!

On to the actual flowers:

hydrangeas // My favorite flower and always a go-to for spring and summer. Try them in white or blue!

eucalyptus // Great to pair with other flowers for more depth, but they’re also really pretty on their own.

white roses // A fresh white rose on its own or with some greenery is a classic option.

lavender // Not only is it pretty with its rustic, French country vibe, but it’s so fragrant.

tulips // I love tulips in a mason jar for a clean, crisp, and classic arrangement.

muscari // This is a unique choice that comes in many different gorgeous shades of blue.

cherry blossom // For a luxurious option, try cherry blossoms in a blue mason jar.

dogwood // I love dogwood for a dramatic spring arrangement than can look equally as luxe and rustic.