book report: february 2019

Honestly, how is it already the end of February? Since this was a shorter month, I didn’t get as much reading done as usual but I did finish five books, a couple of which I really loved so overall. I’m still going strong with my reading goal and am excited to share these books with you!

Progress: 11/70

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory
I’ve heard such great things about Jasmine Guillory recently and finally got the chance to check out her two books. I will admit, I did not finish “The Wedding Date” just because I really didn’t like the male protagonist and wasn’t super engaged in their relationship. Plus, the plot of The Proposal sounded a lot more interesting and I ended up really enjoying it. The basic premise is that Nik is at a baseball game with her not serious boyfriend, who proposes to her on the Jumbo Tron. She turns him down, is publicly shamed, and then ends up being rescued by a guy named Carlos (who was the best friend of Drew in the first book) and his sister Angie. I liked that the story was set in L.A., featured a cast of majority non-white characters, and that it felt so contemporary. There were a couple things I wasn’t super into, but those are just a matter of personal taste and all in all, I found this was a really fun romantic comedy.

Body Love by Kelly Leveque
I’ve been following Kelly (a nutritionist) on Instagram for quite a while and finally got my hands on her book which outlines the philosophy of her nutrition plan, which is used by people like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Emmy Rossum, Marianna Hewitt, and Kate Walsh. What she promotes is essentially a nutrition plan based around balanced blood sugar which I think is a great goal. While I’m not adopting her philosophy religiously, it’s definitely caused me to change a few habits and be more aware of what I’m consuming as it relates to my energy levels. For instance, I’ve incorporated a Fab 4 smoothie into my mornings, have stopped mindlessly adding banana (a fruit with higher sugar levels) to my smoothies when I don’t need it, and am being more mindful about what I eat in the morning so that I’m energized and satiated.

Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life by Gisele Bündchen
I’m a huge Gisele fan and thus, was really excited when she announced she was releasing this book. I was finally able to read it one weekend this month and it was such a refreshing, pleasant experience. Each chapter covers an overarching lesson where Gisele addresses how she came to learning it and how she implements the lesson in her daily life. She talks about everything from relationships and nature to mental health and taking care of your body. Reading this gave me the warm feeling of sitting outside on a deck or at the beach with a green juice on the perfect day. I planned on giving it a solid four out of five (because I reserve five star ratings for books that make me feel a very specific aha type of feeling), but the last chapter actually pushed it into five star territory for me.

No Exit by Taylor Adams
This is how you write a thriller, okay? Wow. I read this book in about five hours or so because I couldn’t put it down. The twists just kept coming and coming until the very last page. The story is about a college student named Darby who is driving home to Utah to see her dying mother in the hospital when she is caught in a blizzard and forced to pull over at a rest area. There, she finds herself stranded with four strangers and accidentally discovers that one of them is holding a kidnapped girl in the back of their van. Over the course of the night, she has to figure out who is the kidnapper and how to rescue the girl and herself. Like I said, the twists just kept coming and the whole thing was so high octane from start to finish. This is a must read if you’re at all into thrillers!

Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant
This book was just amazing and has to be one of the best books out there on the South. It’s the memoir of Richard Grant who moved from New York City with his girlfriend to the Mississippi Delta where they bought an old plantation house on a sprawling farm owned by a close friend’s family. They go on to learn all about the South’s quirks and eccentricities, contradictories and the complicated American race relations that are so amplified in the Delta. There were parts that made me smile, made me disappointed (at what he was talking about, not at all how he was talking about it), and parts that made me feel so warm and happy, I could cry. Chapter 13, I’m looking at you. I adored this book and it was such a fun, informative read with beautiful storytelling.