celebrating my blog's five year anniversary

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This month, I’m celebrating my blog’s anniversary and I can’t believe it’s already been five years! I started blogging in 2014, but went through a few different concepts before settling on YoungSophisticate.com in September 2015, with my first post: “8 Things You Need For Fall”. It’s actually funny looking back at those old posts, because I still relate to them and really like the things I featured. Good sign, right?

So much has changed in the last five years. When I began Young Sophisticate, as you can read here, I was a summer intern at Unilever’s headquarters in New Jersey, living in a hotel with my fellow interns, and spending every weekend in New York, particularly lots of time in the lobby of The Ace Hotel (which has a funny update you’ll read below).

After interning, I went back to school for my senior year and continued blogging. I graduated in the spring of 2015 and since then, have lived in a few different places, working in beauty for awhile and then freelancing in New York City. Funny enough, over those years I actually had the chance to sit down with the founder of The Ace Hotel group and discuss potential projects. It’s so funny how things work out.

No matter where I worked, from beauty to Refinery29 to a big PR firm to freelance, one big consistent thing in my life has been Young Sophisticate. I genuinely love working on it as my side project! I will say though, there have been a few times where I’ve questioned continuing and it’s something I still think about. In situations where I doubt continuing the blog because of how saturated the market is, I tend to come back anyway just because it’s so fun. But I have a lot of things on the horizon and I wonder if I’ll still have the time to be able to commit to running the blog. I hope I will, even if that means cutting back on my posting schedule.

Anyway, as I said, looking back at old posts is so much fun because no matter how much I’ve changed personally or my life has changed, I tend to see distinct similarities between what I love now and what I’ve loved over the past five years. That makes me feels as though I’ve reached a point where I truly know my style and tastes and no matter how they evolve, there will always be a throughline that’s represented very well here on the blog.