chic + comfy outfits to wear to class this semester

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I think it’s safe to say back-to-school is in full swing and everyone’s back for the fall semester. It wasn’t that long ago that I would’ve been heading back to college and remember the puzzle of putting together outfits for class. You want to look cute, but also be super comfortable. When it’s still hot out, you want to dress cool but then the classrooms are freezing, so you have to bear that in mind.

After four years in college and in the few years after where I worked in an office where a lot of the same factors were in play, I’ve become pretty good at styling looks that are chic and comfy and work in a variety of different environments.

As you’re packing up your school bag for class in the morning on Monday and brewing a cup of tea to settle in to study, here are five outfit ideas you should lay out for the week ahead.

LOOK 1 //
Start with comfy basics like an oversized, cable knit sweater paired with matte leather leggings. Then add chic accessories to dress the look up a bit, like black ballet flats, a neutral tote bag, and tortoiseshell jewelry.

LOOK 2 //
For something a bit French, start with a minimalist graphic tee and wide leg jeans, then add a ribbed cardigan for those cold classrooms. Pair with a leather bag for your books and a chic pair of Veja sneakers.

LOOK 3 //
For a look that’s timeless, pair a Breton sweater with your favorite skinny jeans, then add a trench coat for walks across campus. style with a chic, nylon and leather backpack and a pair of suede ankle boots.

LOOK 4 //
For early 8:00 AM classes, you’ll want an outfit that’s cute but really a no-brainer to pull out of your closet and style. Start with the very basic white tee and jeans, then add a cozy gray cardigan with stylish buttons. A pair of slides and a chic leather bag dress it up a bit.

LOOK 5 //
For a sportier look that’s still pulled together, put together a white racerback tank and black leggings, then layer over a long beige cardigan. Pair with clean white Converse and your favorite baseball cap for a subtle pop of color.