five fun ice-cream flavors to try from the grocery store


When it comes to ice-cream, I love a classic vanilla bean and my all-time favorite is Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip (because it’s white, not green) but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and try some of the more unique flavors on the market. In New York, shops like Ice & Vice have all sorts of fun flavors (I’m dying to try their Tea Dance flavor) but what’s fun is that grocery stores are catching on and starting to carry more unique options. Here’s a couple you should check out this weekend for movie night:

Boston Creme Donut - Publix
I tried this last weekend and it was so delicious! It’s a Bavarian creme-flavored ice-cream (which tastes like chocolate milk), with swirls of chocolate icing and little chunks of cake.

Brambleberry Crisp - Jeni’s
A client once sent a full cooler of 10 different Jeni’s flavors to my office a few years back and thus began my love affair with this brand. Luckily, the flavors are not just sold in their shops anymore but you can actually get them at the grocery store. I suggest this one which is vanilla with toasted brown sugar streusel and blackberry jam.

Birthday Cake- Halo Top
What’s more festive than birthday cake churned into ice-cream? Plus, being Halo Top, the entire pint is only 280 calories!

Cold Brew (V) - So Delicious
We’ve all tried coffee ice-cream, but what about cold brew? This dairy free brand has a really yummy one and the texture is nice and creamy, which can be hard to find in vegan brands.

Cherry Chocolate Chip (V) - Trader Joe’s
This is one of my all-time favorites! It’s one of the Trader Joe’s dairy-free ice-creams but you would never know. It’s the most delicious cherry flavored ice-cream with lots of big chunks of chocolate throughout.

Dulce de Leche - Häagen-Dazs
This stuff is dangerous. So dangerous that I tend to only buy the little mini portions because I would eat an entire bucket of this if I had the ability. It’s the most delicious blend of caramel and sweet cream. I might drool just thinking about it, honestly.