why you need a pair of adidas pool slides


By the time we got from London to Amsterdam on this last trip, my feet were dead. Not to get TMI, but they were swollen and my pinky toe was in such bad shape, literally none of the shoes I packed allowed me to walk properly. I was literally limping through the airports 😅. Once we got to Amsterdam, we bought a cheap pair of sandals from H&M in my normal size but they were so tight, they barely stayed on when I walked!

Enter Adidas Adilette Aqua Slides, which were a godsend and are now one of my favorite pairs of shoes. After a no good second search of H&M, we went into Sneaker District because all I wanted were slides. I was magnetically drawn to a pair of size nine men’s pool slides (mind you, I’m a women’s 8, so these were like the equivalent of a women’s 10.5). They were so comfortable, I could finally walk normally and legitimately was able to enjoy the rest of our trip because of these shoes.

Now that I’m back home and my feet are back to normal, they are definitely a little roomy but I’m still able to wear them everywhere. They were a really good purchase, especially since I live somewhere where I go to the pool and beach year round. So, why am I telling you that you need these?

One //
I wholeheartedly believe that these are the best travel shoes. We all typically get sore feet when we travel, especially on trips with a lot of walking, and many people experience swollen feet on airplanes. So, these are ideal to have on hand for those situations. Buy them a size or so bigger than your normal size and these will be a lifesaver when your feet betray you.

Two //
The other reason they’re so perfect for travel and everyday is their versatility. For being a pair of pool slides, they are rather chic and have this way of making any outfit look a little bit cooler. There are really endless ways to style these slides and you can make them work for any personal style. Yes, you can even pull them off with classic looks like a white button down and jeans or a little black dress. I genuinely believe you could take any casual Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn outfit, add these shoes and it would look really good.

I will say this: I wore these with a pair of black socks one day and I swear I felt like a teenaged French boy, but it was kind of fun, so whatever. I kept saying all I needed was a pair of weed socks and I’d officially be one. 😂