healthy habits to pick up this year


We all know “getting healthy” is one of the most common new year’s resolutions but it seems like the days of January fad diets and failed workout plans are in the past and more holistic wellness is the goal. Here are a few habits you can pick up this year to work toward your wellness goals.

Add supplements to your morning routine.
I currently only take a beauty supplement from Olly with keratin, biotin, and vitamins C&E, but this healthy habit obviously depends on your personal needs. Whether it’s collagen creamer or a simple multivitamin, take some time to assess where you need some extra help and find a supplement that works for you. I swear, adding the Olly vitamin to my routine has improved my hair exponentially.

Regularly wash and swap out your pillowcases.
This is one I am vowing to do more often because I know how much a “dirty” pillowcase can impact your skin and hair. I recently got new sateen pillowcases from Boll & Branch for my main sleeping pillow which is huge. Now that I have two, I’m swapping them out about every three days then washing at the end of the week.

Incorporate adaptogens into your diet.
I know I talk about this a lot and even have a whole blog post dedicated to it, but I truly believe it’s a great habit to adopt. You don’t have to go crazy and fill your entire pantry. Just start small with one adaptogen powder like abhwagandha or a mushroom blend.

Stop comparing yourself.
That even means stop comparing yourself against yourself. Around the start of a new year, I feel like people are so hard on themselves by setting these ‘resolutions’ that they ultimately fail because they weren’t really the right resolutions in the first place. Goals are great, but you’re also great how you are already. In the new year, keep that in mind.

Make regular wellness appointments.
It can be hard to keep track of these wellness appointments when you’re already leading a pretty busy lifestyle. But, keeping them in check is only going to benefit in you in the long run. In the first few months of the year, I’m setting up one wellness appointment per month starting with the chiropractor. These appointments of course include your regular doctor, dentist, and vision appointments but could aso be things like massage, reiki, facials, and acupuncture.

Remember to wear sunscreen daily.
That’s it. Just do it! Even if it’s cloudy, even if you’re indoors all day.

Create a sleep routine.
If you’re really looking to improve your health this year, start by optimizing your sleep routine because that’s honestly the key to everything. Before bed, have a cup of tea or magnesium powder stirred into water. I’ve even put magnesium powder in my sleepy time tea! Put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, turn on your essential oil diffuser with some lavender, spray your pillows with a lavender mist, do some stretches, then meditate before you fall asleep. Make sure your room is kept cold and add a humidifier if needed.