hello, april!

When I sat down to sketch out ideas for each month’s theme on the blog for 2019, there were only two months that I had trouble coming up with and April was one of them. For me, April is one of those in-between months that don’t necessarily have a distinct vibe that comes to mind or at least one that’s all that different from March. I live in the South, so it’s already been feeling like spring for awhile, flowers have been blooming, sun showers have started, so April is really just a continuation.

After some thought, I came up with the idea that when I think of April, I think of rainy days and how the air feels really fresh after it rains. That led me to thinking about the senses and how nice it is to slow down and savor them. So, this April is all about taking a deep breath, slowing down, and really taking in all of the sense of spring. This month, you’ll see fresh new outfits to wear for spring, farmer’s market recipes, and all sorts of ideas on how you can slow down and really enjoy everything that spring has to offer.